Reading Challenge 2017


One of my favourites author newsletters is Roni Loren’s Fearless Romance. Along with all the usual author newsletter stuff, Roni reviews task management and planning stationery (journals, planners, stickers, highlighters…) and writes lists, and does planning challenges.

Totally sucks me in.

One of Roni’s planning actives is, naturally, an annual reading challenge. For the last couple of years she’s done a Push Your Boundaries Reading Challenge, complete with a customisable template for anyone who wants to play along. This year she’s shifted to a Read and Watch Monthly Theme-Word Challenge.

In one of those crazy, impetuous New-Years-Day moments, I’ve decided that this is the year I’ll commit to a reading challenge. And just to be contrary, I’m going with a slight variant on Ronis’ Push Your Boundaries Reading Challenge. The image above is of Roni’s template, adapted to include a mini diversity challenge, and completed with my preferences. The challenge is to read at least one book in each category (recording titles in the appropriate box). For my challenge, each book needs to be a first-time read to qualify.

I’m off to my TBR pile as soon as I post this, to queue up my first few challenge reads!

How about you—have you ever taken on a reading challenge? Which do you prefer—the idea of the Push Your Boundaries Reading Challenge, or the idea of the Read & Watch Monthly Theme-Word Challenge?