Crohn’s Disease—Man or Mouse?

Piggies pretending to be mice

My Honey, my partner, my helpmeet, has a chronic inflammatory disease of the bowel called Crohn’s disease. He was first diagnosed at the age of 21. By the time he was 23, half his bowel had been surgically removed. Since then he’s undergone pretty much every treatment available for Crohn’s, including chimeric monoclonal antibody treatment.  Yes folks, many years ago My Honey was injected with cloned antibodies that are a little bit human and a little bit mouse. He sometimes jokes about being a chimera.

It’s not certain that the mouse business actually helped with the Crohn’s, but My Honey is pretty healthy these days thanks to consistently doing things that have been proven to help with Crohn’s—giving up smoking, eating well, avoiding alcohol, religiously taking his prescribed azathioprine, tracking his symptoms, having regular blood tests, and seeing his gastroenterologist every six months, or more frequently when his ‘inflammatory markers’ are up.

All told, is My Honey a man, or a mouse? Well he is without doubt a gentle soul, and he does like eating cheese, bacon, and peanut butter 🙂 He’s also one of the most positive people I know, not only maintaining his sense of humour while living with terrible disease, but also being steadfast in his commitment to human rights activism, and generally being an all around decent person. If he’s a Mouse, he’s a very Manly one in the best sense of the word Man.


*If you noticed that the picture at the top of the post is not in fact of mice, well spotted. I don’t have any pictures of mice, but since we are Cavy Slaves at our place, I do have an abundance of out-of-focus photos of guinea pigs. I’ll try and be a bit better prepared next time…

**This post was inspired by Alistair Daws’ challenge to use Valerie Khoo’s Word-of-the-Week from the podcast So You Want to be a Writer


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